KLING Standing Seam Sliding Clips PLUS, Rib height 25mm with a sliding range of 55 mm

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Sliding clips belong to the indirect fastening means, which allow the expansion and contraction of the metal panels without damage. By regulating the height over the clip base, a higher stability of the clips is achieved.

25mm height Sliding clips PLUS feature a sliding range of 55 mm and a special stamping for countersunk screws as well as a stable clip foot.

  • Material: Stainless Steel V2A 1.4301
  • Sheet thickness: 0.4mm
  • Packaging size: 500 pcs

The sliding clips can be used depending on the material for the following maximum panel lengths:

▪ Copper:                                Total length up to 10 m
▪ Stainless Steel:                   Total length up to 14 m
▪ Aluminium:                         Total length up to 10 m
▪ Titanzink:                             Total length up to 10 m
▪ Galvanized steel sheet:    Total length up to 14 m