M.A.S.C FD - Flexible Ladder Rubber

M.A.S.C FD - Flexible Ladder Rubber

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MASC flexible ladder is used to work on steep pitch roofs with optimal grip on non-slip steps. It's extremely weather-resistant, resistant to aging UV rays, oxygen (no rust), cold (not brittle), heat, friction and tensile forces. 

Technical data:

  • Flexible so it can be used on curved roofs
  • Manufactured from rubber so it wont scratch or damage to roof surface below
  • Length: 1.60 m, Width: 0.40 m
  • Step height: 0.40 m, Step spacing: 250 mm
  • Includes a hook that can be used for hooking onto battens or ridges
  • Cab be joined to each other to create longer lengths

The materials used allow the use of roof ladders from -30 °C to +50 °C.

Connecting rod, anchoring hook, sapwood

Safety data:
• Maximum load: 130 kg per conductor
• Maximum inclination: 40°
• Maximum four elements may be held together by a hook