Express Roofer Soldering Iron Kit E-6367/9R4

Express Roofer Soldering Iron Kit E-6367/9R4

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This all-new design roofer soldering iron is slender and lightweight with the new compact casing, makes it easier to access hard-to-reach places, such as roof guttering and downpipes, and enables it to be used pointing in any direction.

The kit includes:
    • 1 soldering iron (Cat. no. 367/9)
    • 1 4.75m hose (Cat. no. 963/5)
    • 1 HP 2-bar regulator (Cat. no. 683)

Its textured “soft touch” ergonomic handle makes the tool pleasant to use and provides excellent grip for roofers who often spend many hours on the job. Similarly, the knob is now flush and has a high resistance in order to limit the risk of unwanted adjustments. It is also designed with an adjustment indicator to provide even greater accuracy. What’s more, thanks to the 3/8″ left-hand thread straight swivel attachment built into the handle, hose coiling is no longer a problem!
Air suction for the burner is now performed via the rear of the tool, which prevents any pollution of the nozzle. The nozzle now has a cover that protects it from flux vapours when soldering.
Combustion is therefore stabilised.
This roofer soldering iron is naturally fitted with a Piezo ignition. The ignition has been entirely redesigned to enable self-maintenance: it can be replaced with ease and without the need for tools.
This Express product is supplied with an Allen (hex) key making it possible to perform the following actions yourself:

– replace the nozzle

– remove the burner

– remove the casing

Lastly, it still comes with a dual-position stand with spring action.

Youtube Changing the burner instructions