Express E-4500V - Hot Air Gun + 1 cartridge ref. 444 - CE approved

Express E-4500V - Hot Air Gun + 1 cartridge ref. 444 - CE approved

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New Express Heating Gun 4500
  • Piezo ignition
  • Adjustable from 450°C to 750°C
  • Includes 1 cartridge (Cat. no. 444)
Up until a few years ago, some building and roofing applications needed a powerful heat source but, for various reasons, a flame was unsuitable.
On a work site, haven’t you ever needed to strip paint from around a roof window, or to unglue the covering from a chimney stack?

Hot air has proved to be the ideal solution for many jobs.
For all these reasons, the R&D department of Guilbert Express, the heating tools specialist, decided to develop a flame tool… without a flame.

This tool is the gas heating gun, type 4500, which is becoming increasingly used by roofing specialists.

The gas heating gun, type4500, meets very precisely the needs of tradesmen, who get the reliability and performance that they are looking for, together with very easy operation and numerous useful functions. A tool, applications… trades.

The Guilbert Express Heating Gun, type 4500 is useful for shaping sleeves, heating shrinkable tubing and for pre-shaping PVC tubes.
Having purchasing it to strip paint, the roofer can also use it to release a jammed nut!
Even Guilbert Express hadn’t thought of all the needs that could be met by this tool…
A flexible floor to lay?
Plasterboard tape to be joined?
A roof window electricity circuit to be connected?
This tool is very effective for all these applications that a specialist roofer sometimes encounters in parallel with his main job. It will work for the tradesman faithfully and for a long time, and he will appreciate always having it on him.

The gas heating gun 4500 is a must, the roofer’s universal tool!
Its many functions include:
  • Heating zinc without breaking it
  • Shaping sleeves and PVC tubes.
  • Heating shrinkable tubing
  • facilitating the laying of flexible floors.
  • Ungluing plastic coverings and adhesives
  • Drying plasterboard joint tape
  • Stripping and drying paints and varnishes.
  • De-icing pipes and locks.
  • Unjamming nuts and screws.
  • And even Shrinking, notably in dealerships, where it is used for product packaging.
The Express heating gun has one important feature: it’s a flame tool… without a flame!
Highly unusual for a tool intended for applications that need a combination of power and high temperature. In fact, the hot air blown by the Express 4500 gun makes work possible at points where a flame could damage the material.
Using its type 444 gas cartridge, containing 15% propylene, together with butane and propane, the gun can operate for up to 2 hours. With a gas delivery of 38 g/h, the heating gun quickly attains a power of 500 watts, and heating temperatures of up to 750°C! Gas delivery is controlled by a control wheel, which also provides an instantaneous shut-off. The Express heating gun 4500 simplifies the job for the user.

The Express heating gun is equipped with Piezo ignition, so that it can be started up by just pressing a button, which saves time and increases the user’s efficiency!

The immediate orientation function allows the gun to operate irrespective of access conditions. No need to wait to be able to use it upside down! The gun has a cleverly designed plastic base, so that the tradesman can allow the tool to cool safely after use.

The Guilbert Express heating gun 4500 comes in a carton pack that protects all the elements.