Draco Sheet Metal Bender Supra-Bender

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Flexible bender to bend from 0 ° to 120 °, upstand height from 30 mm up to 200 mm.

Universal mobile bending tool to bend and form all kind of materials straight, concave or convex.

With 4 guide rollers the Supra-Bender offers you a stable guidance and an easy handling.

This bender forms many profiles. Bending up and down, making drip edges, eaves cladding, valley constructions, windowsills and many more. Bending height is continuously adjustable (graduation in mm and inch).

Features include:

  • Flexible manufacturing process
  • Easy customization and freedom when it comes to giving shape to a profiled section even at the jobsite
  • Shorter travelling time
  • The required tools are small and affordable
  • Shorter production times imply prompt delivery and a faster completion of the job
  • Optimal leverage making work even more easy
  • economic price