PB3003 Dead-blow Mallet with Plastic Head 32mmø, 320mm length

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Dead blow mallet is used for careful blows in assembly works, straightening workpieces on machine tables or for adjusting work items.

Features include:

  • Head ø 32mm, overall length 320mm, weight 391 grams
  • Inserts made of particularly tough, wear-resistant plastic, for an exceptionally long service life
  • Discs in steel middle allow for a more accurate blow than is usually possible with pellet filled mallets
  • Handle made of FSC® certified hickory wood, non-slip, robust and durable
  • Handle securely fastened in tube with special wedge and heavy dowel pin, but easily replaceable
  • Recoil damping due to weights in the hammer head, for firm, accurate blows without recoil