M.A.S.C FDB1/9 - Pre-compressed Seam Sealing Tape 1 mm x 9 mm wide, length 10 m/ roll

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M.A.S.C Pre-compressed Seam Sealing Tape (FDB1/9) for Standing Seam is a joint sealing tape made of flexible Polyurethane foam with Acrylate dispersion impregnation


 Product features:

• MPA certified

• DIN 18542:2009, stress group 2

• Driving rain proving (EN 1027) ≥ 300 Pa Values ≥ 600 Pa can be achieved, depending on compression and gap width

• Operational warranty when used according to manufacturer's instructions

• Very low emissions


  • The pre-compressed seam sealing tape (FDB1/9) can be used universally for joint sealing in building construction. 
  • Wall Cladding: Under concrete elements and boxing for concrete elements
  • Interior fit out: Room divider walls and Flooring application
  • Roofing: Skylights and Rooftile and Ridge/ Hip / Valley or Drip edge. 


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